A great “ASI on track”

Varano de Melegari, Parma. The #0 edition of this exciting new formula was a day of celebration for all fans of classic motorsport.

24 free practice sessions between road cars, grand touring formula competition and sports. In addition to the exciting “Hot Laps” with the Dallara Stradale.

The Scuderia of Promotor Classic was present with some important cars belonging to the private collection of ASI President Alberto Scuro including the Porsche 911 2.2S road and the Ferrai 512TR in addition to the exciting Lotus 23 and Jaguar E-Type Lightweight drivers.

The latter has been thoroughly tested by our driver Alex De Angelis in view of a future participation in the legendary 24H Le Mans Classic.

N.M. x Promotor Classic

Fiera di Padova 2022

The era of the Vintage Car and Motorcycle Fair in Padua ended in the best possible way and now with great optimism we are opening the page of the Bologna Fair for 2023. There was a lot of public flocking to the fairground, many friends and customers they came to visit us and many interested people always present for this great passion.

“These are important signals at the moment – says Alessio De Angelis – in our business we deal not only with trade but with services related to Classic Motorsport and I am confident we will be able to look at this important sector with renewed positivity”.

Campionato Italiano Velocità – Mugello

It was held on the Mugello circuit, from 14 to 16 October, the sixth test valid for the Italian Championship Historical Car Speed.

Our bearer Stefano Rosina, driving the beautiful and fast Berlinetta Maserati 3500 GT, won the first place in the 1

Group and 7th absolute place. 

The Modena car, certainly among the most fascinating At the start, has demonstrated the high values of competitiveness that is In view of the forthcoming important international commitments.

XIV Ed. Coppa Franco Mazzotti, 2022

Brescia, At the start of the Mille Miglia Museum the 14th edition of the Franco Mazzotti Cup, the third national regularity race for historic cars organized by the Club 1000 Miglia in collaboration with the Automobile Club of Brescia.

More than 130 crews competed for a two-day race on the streets of Brescia, its lakes and Franciacorta, which took part in 80 timed tests and 5 average.

For the Scuderia Promotor Classic took part in the race two beautiful Triumph, a TR2 and a TR3, the latter driven by our patron Alessio De Angelis in pair Simone Molinari, in addition to the always present Sergio Sisti, in pairs with Anna Gualandi, At the end 4 absolute close to the podium with the beautiful Lancia Lambda Sport Casaro.

35 years of the Officina Ferrarese Club

It was a weekend of great show that accompanied the celebrations of the 35 years of the Club Officina Ferrarese.

The now traditional edition of “AutoMoto Storiche in Centro Storico” took place on Saturday 10 September in Piazza Trento Trieste, with the exhibition and parade of 130 vintage cars presented to the public by our patron Alessio De Angelis and the president by Officina Ferrarese Riccardo Zavatti.

On Sunday 11 September, on the other hand, the “Unicef Mini Grand Prix” was staged on the Plank in Piazza Trento Trieste, a charity event dedicated to children on pedal cars.

Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti

The 75th edition of the Coppa d’Oro of the Dolomites is concluded with a 5th place (Sisti – Gualandi) and a 6th place (Gamberini – Falciroli). Quite a few twists along the 430 km of race, where, after the breakdown to the engine of the Lancia Lambda by Gianmario Fontanella saw the crew of Ferrara Sisti – Gualandi protagonist of a road accident during a transfer, fortunately without consequences for anyone but that has slowed the pace of the race.

The absolute race victory went to the strong Sicilian regulars Di Pietra-Di Pietra who with this success grab the championship leadership in front of our Fontanella.

Promotor Classic still leads the Italian Grand Event Championship in front of the Italian Register Porche 356.

Cento Sotto le Stelle 2022

In the beautiful setting of the historic center of Cento was staged the second edition of “Cento Sotto le Stelle”, an event organized by Officina Ferrarese in collaboration with the Ferrari Club Cento.

There were over 120 classic cars presented by our Alex De Angelis together with the president of the workshop club of Ferrara Riccardo Zavatti.

Campionato Italiano Velocità – Varano de’ Melegari

It was held on the circuit of Varano de’ Melegari, from 8 to 10 July, the fifth race valid for the Italian Historical Auto Speed Championship.

Our bearer Stefano Rosina, driving the beautiful and fast Berlinetta Maserati 3500 GT, won the second place in the 1st group, just behind the Abarth of Graziano Tessaro.

The Modena car, certainly among the most fascinating at the start, has shown the high competitiveness values it is reaching, in view of the upcoming important international commitments.

Circuito di Avezzano – Abruzzo Gran Tour

It took place in the enchanting setting of Abruzzo, from June 29 to July 3, the 10th edition of the Avezzano Circuit, presided over by the exclusive Abruzzo Gran Tour, passing through Sulmona, L’Aquila, Pescasseroli returning to the Castle of Avezzano via the legendary circuit.

There were over one hundred “barchette” at the start that have relied on the technical care of our Boys staff of Promotor Classic.

La Leggenda di Bassano 2022

Took place between 23 and 26 June 2022 the 27th edition of “The Legend of Bassano – Trofeo Giannino Marzotto” with the participation of our crew composed by Gianfranco Mazzola and Alex de Angelis at the helm of the beautiful Stanguellini 1100 Sport Ala d’Oro.

After a long and fought duel to the wire of hundredths the victory won the Rossi-Antonelli crew on Singer Nine Sport in front of our drivers from Ferrara.

“Being present at this event is always a pleasure for me – says the patron of Promotor Classic Alex De Angelis – we did everything to be at the start only four days after the 1000 Miglia, but the atmosphere here is really magical; ASI Circuito Tricolore together with his friend Stefano Chiminelli have formed a unique format that you can not miss.”