The Rallye Montecarlo Historique is a one-of-a-kind race, let’s see why and how to prepare for it.

It all starts in August, when registration opens and the “pre-regulation” comes out in which the indications and registration methods are provided, i.e. the programme, the cities of departure, the cars that could be admitted, the necessary documents of the car and crews, the tools that can be used and some regulatory indications on the conduct of the race (e.g. respect for speed limits, respect for the environment, etc.) as well as an indication of the registration cost which this year is €5,200.00 which includes, in addition to registration with the assignment of race numbers and gadgets, the welcome buffet in Monte Carlo on the first evening with 3 nights’ accommodation and the gala dinner which takes place inside the Sporting Club From here the real preparation begins, mainly of the car which must be able to face 7 days of racing with approximately 3,000 km on asphalt roads but with very different environments. Here, the choice of tires necessary to tackle various surfaces including snow, ice and the dreaded verglas (sudden and barely visible sheets of ice) is also very important. So in addition to the thermal tires (mandatory in the winter period also in France for normal road circulation) it is good to think about also having a set of studded tires to deal with any slippery surfaces, to be changed before tackling the special stage based on the indications provided by the scouts.

In this period it is also a good idea to start thinking about the logistics for overnight stays not included in the registration fee: the race in fact includes 3 stage finishes in the city of Valance.

The wait ends in mid-November, when the registration acceptance confirmations begin to arrive and you must choose (at whatever time you did not do so during the registration phase) the team you belong to. But what does a team do for its crews? Each team has its own RMCH management policy: managing official communications, managing logistics (hotel reservations, shuttle for transporting luggage and crews from the final CO to the hotel, etc.), providing scouts who they will cover the special stages before the crews and will give indications on the road conditions so that each crew can choose the best set-up to face it; provide service crews with mechanics ready for checks, car tune-ups, tire changes and necessary repairs; furthermore, it could provide the clothing necessary to face the race and last but not least, form the purchasing group for the roadbook. In fact, ACM does not provide a roadbook, but simply a list of roads and km:

Here some professionals come into play who are responsible for translating this list into a real roadbook with even more detailed vignettes and intermediate distances, to help the crews in the race.

At this point the crews are ready to also face the reconnaissance: that is, going to see and possibly “measure” the special tests. In fact, in the first days of the year, many crews travel the Rally roads to take references to use during the race, to “recalibrate” the instrument. A fundamental measurement is “Etalonnage” i.e. that stretch of road which, traveling along the roadside at a low speed, will give the reference measurement to calibrate the instrument and to measure the tests (it is easier to do this than to describe it…)

Lastly, it is essential to foresee alternative routes when the crew has assistance following them: in fact, the assistance vans cannot, for any reason, enter the special tests, under penalty of exclusion from the race of the reference crew.

I have described to you in broad terms how to prepare to face one of the most iconic races, which boasts a history of over 90 years, with the historical version now in its 26th edition.

See you soon with more background, details and interviews with those who race, those who assist and those who, behind the scenes, in silence and without appearing, ensure that the crews face the race in peace.

Cristina Biagi x Promotor Classic MAGAZINE

The three Italian stables protagonists of the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique compared for Promotor Classic Magazine

The crews are busy with preparations and fine-tuning the cars with assistance and alternative routes; let’s see how the Italian stables are getting ready.

We reached Dr. Antonio Di Martino, president of Scuderia Milano Autostoriche:

What do you think about the return of the start from Milan compared to Turin?

We worked hard and well to bring the start of this race back to our city, and we are proud to have succeeded. Turin hosted us in a unique and spectacular location, but Milan is our city.

The numbers are lower compared to last year when you had 25 crews divided into 3 teams, while this year you have only 2 teams with 18 crews… what caused this decrease in participants?

As you wrote in your previous article, last year there were issues with strict penalty application and timing anomalies. It’s understandable that there was some disenchantment with this race.

So, what are the goals for this year?

Among our ranks, there are missing some important names who historically participated in many editions of the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique like Fontanella, De Angelis, Seno, etc., who are committed to other objectives (Gabriele Seno will be one of our scouts, for example…). They, along with all the others, have contributed to raising the name of Milano Autostoriche (winning the team cup 6 times in a row). However, I have a lot of faith in our crews and expect a good result without too many expectations and pressures.

Marianna Ambrogi, sports director of Scuderia del Grifone, talks about the difficulty of dealing with the sudden departure of President Gianni Chiesa, which left the entire regularity world astonished. Gianni, in his first participation in the Monegasque race, reached the third step of the podium together with his sister Tiziana.

Many well-known names, regulars of the race, are missing from the registration: Gandino, Keller, Bonamini, Tenconi, Liberatore, Mosconi, along with experienced navigators Ricci, Manzini, and yourself. What caused this absence?

The initial idea was not to participate in this edition of the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique. Gianni’s absence is felt every day, but I have to follow the will of each individual member/friend. Therefore, we followed the will of the 7 crews who wanted to form the team (the seventh crew joined recently); it’s a race that is close to our hearts, and starting from next year, we expect to have a considerable number of crews. The prominent names you mentioned, along with myself, will be engaged in other projects.

What do you think about the return of the start from Milan compared to Turin?

It was a suggestive and exciting start. Turin welcomed us last year with an incredible crowd in the wonderful Piazza San Carlo, but we are also happy to return to Milan, which always welcomes us with enthusiasm. It wouldn’t be bad to alternate between the two cities every other year.

What are the goals for this year?

We are primarily a group of friends who enjoy spending time together. It’s crucial in our adventures to stay in the same hotels to have as many convivial moments as possible. We only become competitive when we get behind the wheel. We know we have strong crews that can perform well, but Monte Carlo is a long and unpredictable race that unfolds over a vast territory, where weather conditions can also make a difference. Our aim is to have fun and do our best, but any result will be fine as long as we enjoy the journey.

President of Scuderia Mirabella Mille Miglia, Dr. Luigi Zampaglione, answers our questions:

Scuderia Mirabella Mille Miglia has registered 5 teams this year, what can you tell us about it?

Five teams are an important milestone even for a lively Scuderia like ours. It’s Italy’s second most historic team after Scuderia Ferrari, with a past even in F1. In this edition, we also have a team debuting in this specialty (team 238 Cisotto, note).

We are preparing seriously, as one should when deciding to venture into competitions like this. We prepare as a group, sharing information and advice with those approaching the race now, and sharing feelings. We have a team debuting not only in this race but especially in this specialty. Together, motivation and fun increase!

What do you think about the return of the start from Milan compared to Turin?

Milan is more central and closer to Brescia (the team’s headquarters). However, Turin has more historical significance; cars from major teams participating in the race used to start from there, and it’s also closer to Monte Carlo. All in all, the locations are equivalent. Alternating is fine, but we are happy to have returned to starting from Milan.

What do you expect from this Monte Carlo?

We expect a lot of commitment, a lot of fun, great enthusiasm, and maybe some small hiccups, but we want to start and finish as five! The overall ranking interests us only partially; it will primarily be a competition among us.

Good luck to all the teams in the race, especially to the three Italian stables!

We will run alongside them to bring you their emotions on our pages, updating you daily.

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With the release of the itineraries we enter the heart of this race, which has been awaited since August when registration opens where the crews begin to think about setting up the car.

DEPARTURE FROM MILAN. The 2024 edition is characterized by the renewed departure from Milan after having given way for the 2023 edition in Turin. This year the first car to leave will be from the city of Glasgow with 6 leaving in the morning at 8.30am on January 31st; On February 1st the 19 cars will also leave from Bad Hombourg at 2 pm, followed by Milan at 6 pm with the largest departure. 137 crews and the last 82 cars will set off from Milan at 7pm from Reims; then they will all concentrate in the principality of Monaco, in the splendid setting of Porto Hercules. The arrival of the first car is scheduled for around 3.30pm on Friday 2 February for the installation of the Tripy (the GPS device for checking average speeds, editor’s note), for a bit of well-deserved rest in parc fermé until next day waiting for the start.

The First Step. The crews will start on Saturday 3 February at 7am and will tackle a total of 470km of route with the first 4 special stages for a total of 70km timed. On February 4th, another 309 km of race with 4 special stages (100 km timed); on February 5, 351 km with 4 tests (68 km time trial). Final stage on February 6th of 416 km with 3 tests (60 km timed) and grand finale on the last night where they will battle on the two last special tests, the 16 Sospel – Col de Turini (19.774 km) and the 17 La Cabanette – Col de Braus (13,811 km) for a total of approximately 120 km of stage.

There will be 244 crews starting with 198 cars on high average and 46 on low average; Only 1 female crew will start from Milan with the number 100: Barbara Hemmerle Gollust and Isabelle Godin with their 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV.

The most represented nations: obviously they are the French with 103 crews, followed by 33 Italians, 15 from Great Britain, 11 Germans, 10 Swiss, 7 Norwegians, 7 Greeks, 6 crews represented respectively by Danish Belgians Spanish Polish, this year also 4 Ukrainian crews.

Milano Autostoriche: this is the largest Italian team which registers 18 crews; the other Italian teams are Grifone which boasts the registration of 6 crews and 5 from Scuderia Mirabella Mille Miglia.

Numbers down compared to 2023, an edition characterized by controversy regarding the extreme security measures implemented by the organization; many crews were penalized up to and including exclusion for having exceeded the speed limits by a few kilometers per hour when crossing some urban centres. Furthermore, again in 2023 the cancellation of one of the legendary snowy special tests certainly did not help: a bit of a contradiction considering that the Rallye Montecarlo Historique is considered epic for special tests with extreme conditions where the driver is called upon to bring out the his driving skills on very different surfaces, including ice and snow.

Positive note, it’s the news we’re not used to: the measurements of the special tests are finally all certain; no number has been omitted by imposing advanced mathematical calculations…

What will we see in this XXVI edition of the Rallye Montecarlo Historique?

We will be together with all the crews to update you daily!

Cristina Biagi x Promotor Classic MAGAZINE

Photo credits: Nicolò Mazzini

Promotor Classic at the Coppa Milano-Sanremo 2023

Milan. The XIV Historical Reenactment of the Milano Sanremo Cup, a competition valid for the Italian Great Events Championship 2023 by Aci Sport, took place from 23 to 27 March.

Over 100 crews battled over a course of over 900 kilometers through the territories of Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria where over 115 special stages took place. This year the competition saw Milan as a starting and finishing point for the first time ever, thus transforming the course from linear to circular and increasing the effective competition days from three to four.

Our team is only half happy after a brilliant start to the race but a few too many mistakes that brought some of our crews to the rear including the favorite to win, Fontanella Covelli who after being in the upper parts of the standings then slipped to 16th ‘ Absolute place. Now a close fight for championship leadership between the teams and it will be essential to do well at the next round scheduled for April at the Mugello circuit with a coefficient of 1.5.

Congratulations to the winner, the strong Passanante – Molgora crew on a 1937 Fiat 508 C, bearer of the Franciacorta Motori team

Here are our standard bearers and their placements:

Reindeer – Ceccardi 7th Ass.

Cristina – Baroli 10th Ass.

Soldo – Messina 12th Ass.

Pighi – Glue 14th Ass.

Decremer – Martens 15th Ass.

Drinking fountain – Covelli 16th Ass.

Promotor Classic warms up the engines at the Foresti Trophy

The Foresti Trophy was a real test race for the Promotor Classic team standard bearers who warmed up their engines for the important race scheduled for next week valid for the Italian Great Events Championship by ACI Sport “Milan-Sanremo Cup “.

The Fontanella-Covelli crews performed well in 9th place overall on a Lancia Lambda and Soldo-Messina in 39th place on an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider.

Too bad for a delay at the finish line for the Patron-Patron crew on Fiat 514 MM who finished in 50th place after being in the top positions in the first part of the race and for the Steve Clark-Formilan crew on Salmons Gs8 forced to stay in the rear due to some mechanical problems.

“It was a wonderful race – commented Gianmario Fontanella – many kilometers and many pipes done non-stop in just one day of competition, an excellent general rehearsal in view of the start of the Milan-Sanremo Cup from the Monza racetrack on Thursday ”.

Winter Race, Paglione – De Angelis win the Cortina classic

Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL). It was a fantastic victory for the team from Ferrara made up of Massimiliano Paglione and Alex De Angelis to archive the tenth edition of the most glamorous and exclusive winter race which covers 400 km in the most beautiful and enchanting locations in the Dolomites, starting from Cortina to run between Dobbiaco, Corvara, Bressanone, Arabba, Misurina, San Candido and Lienz over five passes: Falzarego, Valparola, Gardena, Campolongo and Giau. At the start from Corso Italia in Cortina d’Ampezzo over 45 vintage cars accompanied by 25 “icon” cars that have made the history of the car which took turns in two stages with 60 timed trials.

Great success therefore for the Scuderia Promotor Classic who write their name on the Roll of Honor of the tenth anniversary edition of the WinteRace Cortina with the 1927 Bugatti T 37, bearer of the Club ASI Officina Ferrarese as well as of the Scuderia Promotor Classic.

“Yesterday was a very nice two days, little snow, but the car always went very well and we had fun”. So declares Massimiliano Paglione who, paired with Alessio De Angelis, won the tenth edition of the WinteRace.
“The event – continues Paglione – is a pearl, a combination of technique and competitive spirit in an incomparable setting”.
De Angelis echoes him: “… it’s always great to participate with this type of car, people think we’re a bit crazy, but in reality, when you love these cars, you adapt to any weather and always have fun”. In conclusion, “This is the spirit of the WinteRace – underlined the organizers Rossella Labate and Stefano Sangalli – which was taught to us by those who participated in the first edition.
For the record, second place went to the 1957 Fiat 1100 103 with the duo Luigino Gennaro and Stefano Bovio and third place went to the 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster Pre A driven by Alberto Battistella and Dario Soldan, also awarded as participants under 40 years old.
An award was also given to 3 cars out of the 25 that were part of the special Icon category: a 2020 Lamborghini Huracan Evo driven by Riccardo Perletti and Franco Bachechi, a 2015 Ferrari F 458 Speciale driven by Graziano Mancinelli and Silvia Claudia Barberi and a Lamborghini Urus Performante of 2022 by Bruno Bergarmaschi and Livia Farissino of the Girard Perregaux team.

The 3rd edition of the Coppa delle Alpi 2023 by 1000 Miglia is being archived

Bormio. The 3rd edition of the Coppa delle Alpi by 1000 Miglia was staged from 1 to 4 March, the first race valid for the 2023 Italian Great Events Championship by Aci Sport.

The winter regularity competition for historic cars winded its way through the most evocative passes of the entire Alpine arc, along the borders of Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, thoroughly engaging the competitors with 11 Time Checks, 7 Stamp Checks, 90 Time Trials and as many as 60 Secret Media Detections in a race of over 1,000 kilometers.

No less than 5 crews took part in the race for the Promotor Classic stable: with the no. 5 Fontanella-Covelli on a Lancia Aprilia, with the no. 18 Filius-Van’t Slot on a Fiat 1100, with the no. 26 Decremer – Martens on Austin Healey 100, with the n.43 Maes – Deplancke on a Porsche 356 C and with the n. 57 Traverso-Imbriaco on Alfa Romeo GT Junior.

The 3rd edition of the competition was won by the talented and fearless Matteo Belotti and Ingrid Plebani on a splendid Bugatti 37A.

For the sports news, the best result for the Scuderia for the Fontanella-Covelli crew in 5th place followed by 8th place for the Decremer-Martens crew and 9th for the Maes – Deplancke crew. Following the good Filius and Traverso. Thanks to all our Scudieri for giving us the first victory of the season on the field which then became a bitter second place for a regulation interpretation of our direct opponents. The season is still long and we will be honored to compete on the pitch… Long live sport and long live motorsport!

N.M. x Promoter Classic Magazine

Great success for the Promotor Classic team at RMCH 2023

The curtain falls on the 25th edition of the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique 2023. The race, now in its 25th edition, saw the start at 7 pm sharp from a crowded Piazza San Carlo in Turin on the evening of Thursday 26 January, to reach the port of Montecarlo only on Tuesday night, 1 February, after more than 1600 km of snow-covered and non-snow roads and 16 special stages, with a total length of 360 km. Three crews took part in the competition for the Promotor Classic team: De Angelis-Arena on Fiat Ritmo 60 with number 12, Corbetta-Moretti on Fiat 128 Coupè with number 181 and Fontanella-Scrivani on Fiat 128 Rally with number 245.

Great satisfaction for all the crews who managed to finish the race always followed by the assistance of the Team.

For the sports report, best team result for our Alex De Angelis navigated by the expert Nicola Arena with a 7th place overall and 3rd in class in Group IV, followed by 69th place for the Fontanella-Scrivani crew and 129th place for the crew Corbetta-Moretti.

The Road Safety courses for the schools of Ferrara are underway

Testimonial of the initiative our Alex De Angelis who today together with the Mayor of Ferrara Alan Fabbri and the Commander of the Traffic Police Marco Coralli presented the initiative on the Listone of Piazza Trento Trieste, surrounded by Christmas decorations and by the Fiat Ritmo which will take part in the next Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique; a nice initiative demonstrating how motorsport can be available for everyone’s safety.

“I thank Alex De Angelis who will make his experience available to Ferrara for a fundamental issue: road safety. An important contribution that comes from the city for the city and a precious help for the kids. It is of great importance for us to be able to count on a champion like him for concrete prevention and awareness initiatives”.

Thus the mayor of Ferrara Alan Fabbri who today welcomed Alex De Angelis in the Cathedral square, driver, driving instructor and former Italian Rally champion who has developed a collaboration with the Luigi Einaudi institute – presented today – to bring the safe driving in schools.

Fontanella and Biagi protagonists at the Insubria Classic Rally

The protagonists of the Scuderia Promotor Classic do not have a rest weekend, which saw our standard-bearers GianMario Fontanella and Cristina Biagi at the start of the Insubria Classic Rally respectively paired with Stefano Scrivani and Gabriele Seno this pre-Christmas weekend.

After two non-stop days with 11 special stages on slippery and sometimes icy surfaces, the good driver from Piacenza saw the fourth position overall, closely followed by the Milanese Gabriele Seno paired with our Cristina Biagi, in sixth position.

“It’s a position that is a little tight for us – comments GianMario Fontanella at the end of the race – but for us it was a test bench with a view to the next Monte-Carlo Rally; here we didn’t do any reconnaissance and we didn’t want to force it, we just checked that everything was ready for the important Monegasque event”.