Promotor will be the official service of Valli e Nebbie 2024 – ASI Circuito Tricolore

Ferrara. Once again this year, Promotor Classic will take to the field for the 2024 season to assist participants in some of the most prestigious events of the ASI Tricolore Circuit, the calendar of events organized by ASI (Italian Historic Automobile Club), dedicated to vintage car enthusiasts from across the country. These events offer a unique opportunity to admire historically valuable and beautiful cars, engaged in races and rallies that celebrate Italy’s rich automotive heritage. Promotor Classic will play a crucial role in providing technical assistance to event participants, with its own vehicles and qualified staff ready to intervene to get crews back on the road should they encounter technical issues. In particular, starting from the 34th edition of Valli e Nebbie, a historic event organized by the Officina Ferrarese Club, which will take place on April 6th and 7th between the city of Ferrara and the Adriatic Sea, crossing the picturesque flower-filled countryside of the Po Delta. In May, it will be the turn of the Coppa della Perugina, scheduled from the 9th to the 12th, followed by the Leggenda di Bassano, scheduled from June 27th to June 30th, and finally the Circuito di Avezzano & Abruzzo Gran Tour, an adventure taking place from July 2nd to July 7th amidst the magnificent landscapes of Abruzzo. The role played by Promotor Classic in these special events of the ASI Tricolore Circuit not only demonstrates their technical expertise and passion for vintage cars but also contributes to preserving Italy’s automotive heritage and promoting love for vintage cars throughout the country.


Press Office – N.M. Promotor Classic