FIAT 1100/103 Giannini “1000 Miglia Eligible”

CAR ON SALE Fiat 1100 Giannini Features Year 1955 1300 cc 81.763 km FIVA FIAT 1100/103 in excellent condition, car with an important historical past, developed during the period of use with Giannini G1.3 103,000 engine taken from 1100 to 1300. Increased oil sump, Weber 36DCLD3 carburettor. TV mask and black “Modena” plates of the […]

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CAR ON SALE FIAT Ritmo 60 HTP FIA Features Year 1978 1300 cc 130 CV front-wheel drive FIA For new project Promotor Classic sells FIAT Ritmo 60 Gr2 (1300cc) with important palmares (2′ Assoluto Rallye Monte Carlo 2019 – 3′ class. Rallye Monte Carlo 2022), maximum preparation, complete with numerous spare parts and ready to […]

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Fiat 1200 Cabriolet Pininfarina

Car On Sale Fiat 1200 Cabriolet Pininfarina Features Year1962 1221 cc 9.298 Km 9.298 Km Gorgeous Fiat 1200 Cabriolet Pininfarina in excellent condition, Fiat red exterior color and restored interior with black seats for an elegant and sporty color combination. Original grille and front panel, original Fiat three-spoke steering wheel, four-speed gearbox plus reverse and […]

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FIAT Giannini 350 EC

CAR ON SALE FIAT Giannini 350 EC Features Anno 1975 390 cc 75 CV  Km 330 Rare Fiat Giannini 350 ECs completely restored, crossed 330 km from the total restoration finished two years ago, then exposed to the museum Fiat 500 of Garlenda. This car was built only between 1974 and 1975 on the basis […]

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FIAT X1/9 serie 1 *ASI *

car on sale FIAT X1/9 serie 1 *ASI * Features Year 1975 1290 cc 75 CV  Km 25.989 Fiat X1/9, unmistakable design of Bertone and 70’s Made in Italy. This is a FIAT X 1/9 1.3 lt.  first series always subjected to a detailed and meticulous maintenance, in the time magazine of painting and with […]

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FIAT 124 Special T “Rally”


FIAT 124 Special T “Rally”


Year 1971

Benz 1500

CV 120

Km 5.000

Car prepared for historic rallies, with attention to the smallest details.

Oil cooler, engine prepared with molded pistons, lightened flywheel, cams, additional oil cooler.

Self-locking and frontal engagement gearbox.

Ideal car for Rally Monte Carlo and Rally Legend.

Price: 25.000 €


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FIAT 600 - Mille Miglia-


Year 1955

Benz 633

CV 22

Km 42.000

Car in excellent condition, fully restored before ASI Targa Oro homologation, ACI Sport Fiche, FIVA A Certificate and FIAT Registry.

Complete with Crick, rubber mats, original tools and very rare original plexiglass deflectors.

Ready for every test and for use for every need, it has already participated in the re-enactment of the historic 1000 Miglia.


Mechanically excellent.


History :

The Fiat 600 is a car produced by the Italian car manufacturer FIAT, built from 1955 to 1969. [2] It is considered the icon of the Italian economic boom.


After World War II FIAT was led by Vittorio Valletta, who was entrusted with the task of motorizing the new republican Italy, as had already been attempted and partially achieved through the “Topolino” model. If in the thirties the “Mickey Mouse” project had been scarcely innovative, in the fifties it was certainly outdated.


Valletta commissioned Dante Giacosa to build the new car: an arduous task, given that the company had truly modest potential.


The small Fiat subcompact was presented on March 9, 1955 in Geneva, in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.


Equipped with two doors (in the first versions produced up to May 1964 with rear hinged doors) and with a discreet roominess for four people, it was equipped with a newly designed engine, the “100”, located in the rear position, of 633 cm³, delivering 21.5 hp (equivalent to 15.8 kW) at 4 600 rpm, capable of propelling the car up to 95 km / h. The list price was 590,000 lire.


The “600”, born as a popular car, but not entirely super-utility car, will have an astonishing sales success and, after a few months, the waiting time for delivery will exceed one year. Strategic ingredients of the success were the competitive but not cheap price, good equipment and quality for the price, good habitability and good road behavior which, combined with the good gearbox, also gave driving satisfaction despite the small engine. The winning weapon was also the low cost of ownership: 14 km with a liter and, with a fiscal power of 9CV, a road tax of only 10,000 lire. [3]


It should be remembered that, on the occasion of the presentation of the Fiat 600, television, at a time when Rai did not advertise on television, broadcast a short film on the new car, prepared by Cinefiat and a typical example of editorial advertising.


Price: 19.500€


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