Alfa Romeo 2.6 SZ Zagato


Year 1966

Benz 2584

CV 145

Km 5.000

In 1963 Zagato presented the prototype of his interpretation of the Alfa Romeo 2600, (called Series 106.12) designed by Ercole Spada with an innovative and decidedly aerodynamic line, which could be recognized by the front end with elliptical headlights. It was distinguished by the particularly original lines that recall the contemporary Zagato style, making it similar to the Lancia Flaminia Super Sport. This car was put into production, however, only three years later, starting from 1965 and produced for only two years, in 105 units, of which 32 in 1965, 59 in 1966 and only 14 in 1967, of which we remember an example that belonged to to the iconic Sophia Loren.

The car we are proposing has recently undergone a professional conservative restoration. Mechanically all components are in order and is ready for any test. There are photographs and material relating to all the mechanical workings of the recent restoration, including engine unit, gearbox, brakes.

Original upholstery and bodywork in Alfa Red color, painted in this color combination in the 1970s after being born in white.

Prezzo: 185.000 €


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