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Morgan Plus 8


Year 1974

52.000 km

3.529 cc

ASI Gold Plate

Price: 39.500 €

Morgan Plus 8, a splendid specimen in excellent overall condition, having been in the same family for years. ASI Gold Plate certified, with “Firenze” black plates and period documents, including a logbook.

The car features an exclusive combination of a “Midnight Blue” body and red leather interiors. The interiors are in excellent condition, with red leather and carpeting, complemented by a matching hood and tonneau cover.

Mechanically well-maintained in every detail, equipped with a special Edelbrock manifold, 4in1 Falcon steel exhausts, electronic ignition, and an additional Mocal radiator. The beautiful sound and gratifying performance provide an engaging driving experience in pure British style.

The Morgan Plus 8 represents the perfect balance between an uncompromising English roadster and the renowned 3.5-liter Rover V8 engine, all wrapped in enchanting classical aesthetics.

More exclusive than a 4/4, the Plus 8 retains the distinctive features of Morgan cars but stands out with that extra touch: a generous and captivating engine. Introduced in 1968, the Plus 8 revolutionized Morgan’s history with the introduction of such a powerful engine, marking a turning point in the Malvern workshops.

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