Mercedes-Benz SL230


Year 02/1964

Benz 2306cc

CV 150

Km 18.800

Car in excellent condition, subjected to conservative restoration over time, always regularly maintained, born Italian, with Rome license plate, complete with hard top and air conditioning.

Ready for every test and vision


The project was born around 1961: there were three requests from the Daimler-Benz top management towards the heads of the various departments involved in the project: the car had to be bright, comfortable and spacious; it had to be made using the resources already available to the maximum and had to have an attractive line.

As far as the mechanics were concerned, it was decided to base the car on the shortened platform of the 220 SEb W111, equipped however with a more powerful engine made starting from the 2.2-liter M180 that was already equipped with the Heckflosse.

On the automotive safety front, what was already experienced by the engineer Béla Barényi in normal series production (again with the W111 series) was re-proposed, introducing in the new roadster a vehicle body with programmed deformation in the event of a violent impact, so as to safeguard the safety of passengers.

The team of designers led by Paul Bracq under the supervision of Friedrich Geiger was used for the bodywork. Given the possibilities offered by the US market, it was decided that the line of the car should be more modern and able to compete with that of the Chevrolet Corvette. The first drawings of the car left the leaders of the house perplexed, who judged them too bold; however the design department continued to want to remain faithful to the stylistic canons just sketched and the result of these efforts was presented at the 1963 Geneva motor show: thus the new roadster officially named 230SL was born, which also replaced the 300SL Roadster.

The 230SL externally was characterized by taut but dynamic lines, which also highlighted a certain agonistic ambition, then also confirmed by Böhringer’s victory in the Rally Spa-Sofia-Liège in which the house decided to participate again in 1963.

Of the W111 sedans it retains some traits, such as the vertically developing front headlights. The most particular feature was the shape of the hardtop, where it was intended, which had a concave shape, which would have given the 230SL and subsequent W113 models the nickname of Pagoda. There were many examples with a canvas top, whose owners also requested a hard-top that could be mounted on the car when the top was closed in the housing.

Although linked to classic mechanical schemes (rear-wheel drive, longitudinal front engine, 4-speed mechanical gearbox), the 230SL also presented some innovations in the mechanics. New was the 6-cylinder in-line M127 II engine powered by injection with 2308 cm³ and 150 hp and new was the rear axle (with oscillating drive shafts). The gearbox was manual with 4 gears, but on request it was possible to have it automatic, always with 4 ratios; from September 1965, those who wished could also opt for a 5-speed manual.

The power unit allowed for decent performance although, due to the geometry of the rear axle, the car was demanding in the wet. At the height of the situation, however, the mixed braking system with brake booster. The maximum achievable speed was 200 km / h.

In 1966 the roadster version was joined by the Hard-top Coupé, with a standard hardtop (however removable) and without a canvas top. The elimination of the soft top mechanism had allowed the addition of two small rear folding seats.

Price: 98.500 €


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