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Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF Corsa


Year 1971

1584 cc

115 CV

Km 28.000

Front-wheel drive

Splendid example of LANCIA Fulvia Coupé HF 1600, known by enthusiasts as “1.6 HF CORSA”. It is in fact one of the very rare vehicles produced by Lancia in just 200 examples at the beginning of the marketing of the second series to dispose of the warehouse stocks of mechanical parts and components of the HF first “Fanalone” series. The mechanics of the “Corsa make extensive use of these components from the first “Fanalone” series in particular: crankshaft, overhead camshaft, cylinder head, connecting rods, oil radiator, negative camber front suspension geometry and widened fenders. Furthermore It has bonnets and doors in aluminium, and rear windows in Plexiglas. The upholstery is very sparse, it has the “Fanalone” seats, it does not have deflectors on the doors, it does not have bumpers, it does not have the stainless steel frames of the front windows and rear, it does not have door opening warning lights. It clearly distinguished itself from the HF 1600 luxury and, at the beginning, had a lower list price. Today this car model is highly prized and sought after for its rarity and fundamentally, for the highest performance. This example had been used in historical rally sprint races as certified in the ASI homologation and had been prepared in this sense with the installation of the Roll Bar, the Weber carburettors with air horns without filter, the lowered chassis with suspension on rollers at the front and curved leaf springs at the rear, Koni shock absorbers. In 2005 and subsequently in 2020, steps were taken to restore the car to its original state by subjecting the vehicle to a professional restoration, where the entire shell and bodywork were sandblasted and repainted, the mechanics raised and the upholstery restored by the Ferraresi specialist. It is now in competition condition.

Price: 72.500 €

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