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Lancia Beta Spider Zagato


Anno 1975

Benzina – 1.592 cc

CV 110

Km 54.000

Car preserved in excellent condition, regular maintenance and just serviced. Replace roof seals and gearbox overhaul e just made. Very efficient and pleasant to use.

Available for any test.


The Lancia Beta Spider was presented in 1974, designed by Pininfarina and assembled by Zagato, who cut, modified and set them up, then returned to Lancia for the assembly of the mechanical parts (the same as the standard coupes) and the final marketing.

This Lancia, called Spider was really a “Targa”, with the portion of the roof above the driver removable and with the folding canvas rear window. The reason for this choice is to be linked to the new US standards, never applied, which wanted to increase the safety of spiders, with the inclusion of a fixed roll bar.

The Lancia Spider also underwent the same updates as the Lancia Coupè from which it derives, except for what concerns some specific components, such as the rear light clusters, the rear bumper.

The luggage hood and rear seat were also specific to this version.

Production began with the engines of 1600 and 2000 cc, the first series are recognized because they do not have the crossbar above the doors, which was later added to increase the torsional rigidity of the body.

The Spider adopted the same engines as the Coupé, with the exception of the 1300 and 2000 Volumex.

The third and fourth series went into production with the same aesthetic changes as the other Beta sports cars and were joined, starting from 1979, by the 2.0 Special. Dedicated only to the American market, the 2.0 Special was a commemorative version created by Zagato to celebrate the first 60 years of activity. It was painted entirely in black, with a gold-colored profile, and was available pushed from 2.0 depowered to 88 hp and also equipped with power steering.

The Special fourth series was able to take advantage of the electronic injection that brought up the power, up to the limit of 110 hp.

Prezzo: 15.000 €


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