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Lancia Aprilia 1350 Lusso I Serie


Year 1939

1352  cc

Lancia Historical Registry

1000 Miglia Eligible

Price: 66.500 €

The Lancia Aprilia was introduced to the public during the thirtieth edition of the Mondial de l’Automobile Show in Paris in October 1936.

The first series of the Lancia Aprilia was produced from 1937 to 1939 in 10,354 units, including sedans with both normal and Lusso trim levels, along with 4,350 chassis intended for custom builds, such as the famous Pininfarina designs.

Two years after the start of production, the Second Series was introduced, characterized by an increase in engine displacement to 1,486 cc, maintaining the same power while improving the engine’s elasticity and maximum speed.

The car maintained a solid presence in the market until the final days of production and, in competitions, dominated unquestionably for years in the Touring class up to 1500 cc: it even won the Mille Miglia in 1947 thanks to its powerful acceleration and excellent road holding.

The car is in excellent condition, both externally and internally, always serviced and regularly maintained. It is registered in the Lancia Historical Registry, eligible for the Mille Miglia, and ready to use.

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