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Grayson Sport 1.1


Year 1939

Petrol – 1100 cc

60 CV

Passaporto ACI CSAI

Price: 60.000€

Car with documented history, tubular chassis, aluminum body, Ford 1100cc engine.

Ready to use for important events.

ACI CSAI passport.

Italian documents.


Arthur Grayson was an car mechanic who in the mid-30s built some cars to compete in “Hillclimb” and Trial races.

This “barchetta” was set up starting from a specially built tubular frame with independent front wheels and an engine derived from the 1100 cc four-cylinder Ford Anglia, at that time used for Formula Junior, credited with about 60 HP and combined with a three-speed gearbox.


The car was the subject of an extensive article in the magazine Automobilismo d’Epoca 2015, on the occasion of its participation in the Mitiche Sport event in Bassano (Italy). At the time, the Grayson was red in color, but was later restored to its original black color.


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