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Formula Junior Patriarca 500-750


Year 1965

500 cc

Manual gearbox

Full restoration

This car was built at the Officine Patriarca in Rome and outfitted in Ferrara by the Morelli brothers, famous for their splendid bodywork that dressed Maserati and Osca. This car was used by Mario Leone in the 1965 season and later by Tullio Flavio, racing for the colors of the Patavium racing team from Padua. Originally built on a body for the 500 Sport engine, it was later upgraded by the latter to a Junior version to compete in the Formula Monza and 750 categories. The car has recently been restored to its original state, both in terms of the engine and the bodywork and interior, restoring the original first livery. It is now ready to return to the track. Extensive detailed photographic documentation is available with the car, depicting the historical period in which it competed and the recent restoration.

Price: POA

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