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Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce


Year 1967

1.600 cc

109 HP

Km 74.013

This model, with original Milan black plates and green booklet, is ASI Targa Oro homologated and registered in the Alfa Romeo Historical Register. It is in an excellent general state of mechanically excellent conservation, always regularly expertly maintained, ready for use. It is complete with the maintenance documentation and instructions for use of the time.


The Giulia Sprint GT Veloce (105.36 series) is the most prestigious and powerful version of the standard Giulia Sprint GT. This version is recognizable from the front by the 3 chrome profiles on the black honeycomb front grille, by the round enameled badges depicting the classic green four-leaf clover on the rear pillars and by the “Veloce” inscription on the side of the right rear light. It is characterized by more refined interior finishes with a dashboard covered in imitation wood, more precious upholstery and wraparound front seats. The new version equipped with the 00536 series engine is a revised and upgraded 109 hp variant of the 1570 cc twin-shaft. it guaranteed performance considerably higher than the Giulia Sprint GT thanks to a better torque delivery. Road tests show a maximum speed of 187 km / h and an acceleration time per kilometer with a standing start of 31 ″ and 4/10, values ​​that placed the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce at the top of the category.

Price: 60.000 €


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