Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT GTV6 2.5


Year 08/1983

Benz 2492cc

CV 158

Km 80500

Car preserved and maintained in excellent condition. Car with a history that has always been known, complete with original documents, complementary sheet and first black plate (province of Belluno).

Scrupulous and documented maintenance, timing belt, clutch, head grinding, valves and valve guides, new gasket kits. Revision of the braking system, steering linkage heads and suspensions.

Original Autovox radio and standard air conditioning.

Completely original in every detail, Matching numbers and colors) (Metallic cloud gray and beige pinstripe velvet interior) as confirmed by the Alfa Romeo Historical Register.

Ready to use, any test.

In 1967, Alfa Romeo decided to begin the study for the construction of the coupé that was to replace the “Giulia GT” model in the 1970s. The main company directives are aimed at creating a car that can offer four comfortable seats (instead of the traditional 2 + 2) with a large luggage compartment. The goal was to fight the competition from compact sports sedans (such as the BMW 2002) which by offering similar performance and greater versatility of use were reaping considerable success throughout Europe.

Starting from the mechanical basis of the “Giulia GT”, in 1968 the “newborn” Italdesign of Giorgetto Giugiaro was commissioned for the new project, in consideration of the fact that this designer had followed the birth and development of the “Giulia GT” in the years in which he worked at Bertone. At the same time, the Alfa style center will carry out a parallel project. The final result was a bodywork with the volumes moved backwards and the truncated tail [2].

At the time of launch in 1974, the basic engine was the twin-shaft already mounted on the Alfetta sedan.

In 1980 the second series arrives, the 1.6 disappears and the GTV6 is born, equipped with a 6-cylinder V of 60 ° and a displacement of 2492 cm³, with a power of 160 HP at 6000 rpm, one camshaft per bank and electronic injection. The new version is recognized by the black plastic used, the 2.5 differs from the 2.0 by the hump on the bonnet and the new 5-nut alloy wheels. In 1983 the latest version was presented with a slight facelift.

The Alfetta GT was a car much appreciated by foreign customers, whose requests gave rise to many small series with special equipment or engines.

Price: 32.500 €


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