The Road Safety courses for the schools of Ferrara are underway

Testimonial of the initiative our Alex De Angelis who today together with the Mayor of Ferrara Alan Fabbri and the Commander of the Traffic Police Marco Coralli presented the initiative on the Listone of Piazza Trento Trieste, surrounded by Christmas decorations and by the Fiat Ritmo which will take part in the next Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique; a nice initiative demonstrating how motorsport can be available for everyone’s safety.

“I thank Alex De Angelis who will make his experience available to Ferrara for a fundamental issue: road safety. An important contribution that comes from the city for the city and a precious help for the kids. It is of great importance for us to be able to count on a champion like him for concrete prevention and awareness initiatives”.

Thus the mayor of Ferrara Alan Fabbri who today welcomed Alex De Angelis in the Cathedral square, driver, driving instructor and former Italian Rally champion who has developed a collaboration with the Luigi Einaudi institute – presented today – to bring the safe driving in schools.