The Andrea Sandri Trophy to our Alex De Angelis

Yesterday evening in the setting of Palazzo Pendaglia the usual Christmas Greeting Dinner of our city club Officina Ferrarese was held in the presence of the ASI President and Councilor Dr. Riccardo Zavati, the Honorary President Giulio Felloni and the Past-President Massimo Maiarelli.

For the occasion, the prize giving of the Social Championship was held, which saw the good Este regularist Mauro Gessi as the winner, what is defined in Ferrara a bit like the “Historical Motoring Lifetime Achievement Award”, i.e. the Andrea Trophy Sandri which is awarded to the one who most distinguished himself during the year for having transmitted the passion for motoring, handing down what is our sport and our culture.

“He who shares a great passion with others has many friends – this is the trophy”, and for me it is a great emotion – says Alex De Angelis – to receive this truly unexpected award; I have done nothing special other than truly passing on to others, friends, my customers and our drivers what I feel every day when I get behind the wheel of our beloved historic racing cars. For me it is truly an honor to receive this award named after Andrea Sandri, a deceased friend, who has initiated and guided me towards this splendid passion since I was a child, thanks to all”.

N.M. x Promoter Classic