The Attilio Bettega Cup ended tonight and, for the third time in a row, the Seno Giammarino couple has won it.

The ninth edition of the Attilio Bettega cup also goes to the archives. The winter race considered the Italian Monte-Carlo Rally ended with clean roads.

The start is given at 3 pm from the park of the historic Pedavena Brewery, the largest in Italy, built in 1897. The 360 ​​kilometer long route, between the provinces of Vicenza, Trento and Belluno in a route designed to put the driving and navigation skills of the crews and the resistance of the cars, saw the 54 starters face the hairpin bends of the 10 timed trials of Col Perer, Desene, Menador, Sella Valsugana, Morello, Val Malene, Col Falcon, Arina, Celado, Val Nevera, a total of 125 kilometers of special stages. 11 hours of driving with a 45 minute regroup in between. Seno and Giammarino, from the second special test, took the lead of the classification without ever leaving it, separating their pursuers by many seconds up to almost a minute. 

1st place SENO – GIAMMARINO on OPEL KADETT GTE with 419 penalties

2nd place CONCARI – FRASCAROLI on LANCIA DELTA 4WD with 943 penalties (524 tenths of a second)

3rd place RIGO S. – LIVERANI on LANCIA FULVIA HF 1600 with 972 penalties (553 tenths of a lead)

All three crews started with a high average; congratulations to the winners, but also to all the participants who took part in this exciting race.

The standard bearers of Scuderia Promotor close respectively 

18th position ORSINI – MAZZA on OPEL ASCONA 1.9 

40th position SIMANI – GANASSINI on FIAT 124 SPIDER 1.8

The female crew is in 7th position ALEXIA GIUGNI – ORNELLA PIETROPAOLO On a splendid PORSCHE 356.

Cristina Biagi x Promotor Classic Magazine