We have reached Tuesday 6 February, the last day of the competition. The competitors say goodbye to Valence at 7:00 am to head towards the SR13 the famous Saint-Nazaire-le-Désert – La-Motte-Chalancon of 19,987 km. Even today the day is characterized by clear weather and completely dry roads already in the early hours of dawn when we scouts pass, 2 hours before the first competitor. In the first two positions we find Michel Decremer and Giorgio Schon who continues to fight to keep the lead for the first, and to catch up with the second, but Maurizio Aiolfi from 5th position, climbs up to third position in the SR14 the Roussieux – Laborel of 19.932 km with the Col de Reychasset (1052 m) and the Col de Pierre-Vesce (1013 m).
The day continues south, towards the Principality of Monaco, the last special test of the day will be Collongues – Col de Saint-Raphaël, SR15 of 19.738 km where the first three group up a few seconds apart from each other:
Michel Decremer 890
Giorgio Schon 980
Maurizio Aiolfi 1000

What will the last two special tests have in store? Will they confirm or revolutionize the podium of the XXVI Rallye Montecarlo Historique?

Cristina Biagi for Promotor Classic Magazine

Photo Credits: ACM