Promotor protagonist at the International Vintage Car Show

PADUA. At the International Exhibition of Vintage Cars and Motorcycles in Padua, Ferrara is there and is among the protagonists. Promotor Classic, the renowned city company, led by the patron and former driver Alessio “Alex” De Angelis will be among the main attractions of the
A Venetian event that increasingly aims to become the first in Europe with over 130,000 visitors and 5,000 cars on display. This year’s theme will be Classic Motorsport, a true flagship of the Promotor Group and of the De Angelis family in particular. This year it will be an opportunity for the Ferrara-based company to exhibit a prototype that is unique in the world, designed and built to race in Le Mans and in the IMSA category in the 1980s. A prototype born in Italy, capable of over 700 hp, which after a long research and a phase of restoration and direct tuning in the Ferrara atelier, is now presented to the public waiting to find a new gentleman driver who wants to make it return to whiz on the most famous circuits in the world. But in addition to this single prototype there will be fifteen other jewels of the past, from the Mercedes pagoda to rare Anglo-Saxon cars, up to a pre-war two-seater racing car from 1927, a true pioneer of motorsport.