Fontanella and Biagi protagonists at the Insubria Classic Rally

The protagonists of the Scuderia Promotor Classic do not have a rest weekend, which saw our standard-bearers GianMario Fontanella and Cristina Biagi at the start of the Insubria Classic Rally respectively paired with Stefano Scrivani and Gabriele Seno this pre-Christmas weekend.

After two non-stop days with 11 special stages on slippery and sometimes icy surfaces, the good driver from Piacenza saw the fourth position overall, closely followed by the Milanese Gabriele Seno paired with our Cristina Biagi, in sixth position.

“It’s a position that is a little tight for us – comments GianMario Fontanella at the end of the race – but for us it was a test bench with a view to the next Monte-Carlo Rally; here we didn’t do any reconnaissance and we didn’t want to force it, we just checked that everything was ready for the important Monegasque event”.