Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti

The 75th edition of the Coppa d’Oro of the Dolomites is concluded with a 5th place (Sisti – Gualandi) and a 6th place (Gamberini – Falciroli). Quite a few twists along the 430 km of race, where, after the breakdown to the engine of the Lancia Lambda by Gianmario Fontanella saw the crew of Ferrara Sisti – Gualandi protagonist of a road accident during a transfer, fortunately without consequences for anyone but that has slowed the pace of the race.

The absolute race victory went to the strong Sicilian regulars Di Pietra-Di Pietra who with this success grab the championship leadership in front of our Fontanella.

Promotor Classic still leads the Italian Grand Event Championship in front of the Italian Register Porche 356.