Alpine Cup 2024, The Competition Program Presented

Brescia. The program for the next Alpine Cup by 1000 Miglia was presented yesterday, a regularity race that abandons its usual winter event and will involve 30 crews for the entire week  from 28 April to 4 May . The departure will be from  Trieste reaching   5 stages  along the entire Alpine arc from East to West, crossing the borders of  Italy ,  Slovenia ,  Austria , Liechtenstein ,  Switzerland ,  Germany  and  France , for a total of approximately  1300 kilometers  which will take them up to  Courmayeur . Cortina, Seefeld, Saint Moritz and Gstaad are the stopover cities.

Photo Credits: 1000 Miles

After the success of the 2023 edition, 1000 Miglia has decided to use the strength of its  network  to launch the ambitious  project  of the  Great Alpine Journey , a path of reflection parallel to the race itinerary aimed at  representing the socio-economic, anthropological and environmental transformations  of the Alpine macroregion . Representatives of the different areas of interest and belonging to the nations crossed by the 2024 Alpine Cup will be part of the convoy that will tackle the route.  There are five proposed  themes  :  agriculture ,  craftsmanship ,  culture ,  energy  and  tourism  which will be combined with the different stopover and transit locations.