1000 Miglia 2022

The 2022 edition of the Mille Miglia goes to the archive with two hundred and fifty municipalities crossed, almost two thousand kilometers and a single and unmistakable Red Arrow.

The fortieth edition of the race saw take part 9 Promotor Classic crews at the race who thrilled us all along the way.

For the sporting record, Scuderia’s best performance for Sergio Sisti from Ferrara, fourth overall, followed by Alessandro Gamberini with the seventh place and the twenty-sixth place of Massimiliano Paglione on the Bugatti 37, flanked by our patron Alex De Angelis.

A great overall result for all crews Promotor Classic (N ° 25 Massimiliano Paglione and Alex De Angelis, N ° 47 Sergio Sisti and Anna Gualandi, N ° 60 Alessandro Gamberini and Guido Ceccardi, N ° 64 Vincenzo Giovanni Mussetto and Enrico Maria Mussetto, N ° 92 Francesco Pugliese and Pierantonio Invernizzi, N ° 185 Nicolò Maria Mussetto and Giuseppe Bertoni, N ° 309 Luigi Pugliese and Pier Francesco Carbognani) who flatters us and makes us look with optimism at the continuation of the 2022 competitive season.