The company structure

For over a decade Promotor Group is reference point in Ferrara automotive landscape, offering business proposals always interesting and qualified, nowadays, as a result of a long process that combines entrepreneurial spirit but also a passion rooted in the family history of the property, the company changes definitely its core business: the excellence in the sale, restoration and services for the automotive industry classic and collectible.

Promotor Group focuses today, almost exclusively, to satisfy the needs, expectations and dreams of all those who, sharing the spirit and passion, love the car beyond the instrumental use, appreciating spirit, research, care and feelings that the engineering work of man has passed in the history of the automobile.
A serious and competent business advice, both for buyers and for those who want to sell or change their old cars, combined with relationships with Historical Records and the Entities.

We open our minds also to new and exigent markets, thanks to the constant and precious work of Mr. Augusto Fabbri, a real classic cars passionate, our Asian and Far East Market Manager.

Meticulous attention is given to the restoration work, professionally made, respectful of every detail; personalized transport services, logistics in the most prestigious competition for classic cars, represent the heart of our business.

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